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Celebrating the Love Between a Nerd and His Herder.

Chuck & Casey: slashing themselves since 2008
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Celebrating the love between a nerd and his herder.
chuck_casey is an amalgam of the different types of fannish communities you will usually find scattered about Livejournal, from a single source. It is a "daily" community, where there will be regular posts of screencaps and promotional pictures. It is a challenge community, where a weekly prompt is set forth and members are encouraged to respond with stories and art. It is a discussion community, where you can ask questions and engage in conversations as long as they're at least tangentially on topic. It is a place to crosspost your Chuck/Casey fannish works -- vids, fic, art, etc. -- as well. Furthermore, this community is associated with ChuckslashCasey.com, which will be a new archive site dedicated to our secret agent men. The site will consist of submissions made via email and through the community.

Rules and FAQ can be found here.

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