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12 December 2016 @ 07:18 pm
All We Leave Behind Us (Chapter Two)  

Title: All We Leave Behind Us (Chapter Two of Five)
Pairing: Chuck/Casey
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 12k
Warnings: Language

Beta: (adderlygirl) The woman is a walking encyclopedia, I tell ya. Just when I think I can get something by her ;) Thanks for such a careful eye!

Spoilers: Up to Chuck vs. the Crown Vic
Author’s note:

(THIS CHAPTER WILL BE IN TWO ENTRIES ... please jump to the next – and I see a trend here .... : )

Thanks for the love of this! I really have had a blast writing our very scary, very hot Scrooge. (And there will be plenty of Chuck and the gang in each chapter, not just the finale.)


Three months in LA was not anything John Casey hoped for when he agreed to chase down the new Intersect. It went against the usual formula – in, kill, out – and one that he never had a problem with up until now. But this time, thanks to an unforeseen twist, he’s stuck here wearing Lederhosen and serving up corndogs as a cover, while protecting the most unlikely human canister ever to be stuffed with the government’s precious secrets when he’s off the clock. And it’s a nerd, of all things.

Christmas Eve has sailed in, and things would have a tendency to get touchy-feely – if Casey let himself have a feeling. Instead, the holiday is the cue for him to do what he does best – without remorse, without sticky human emotions, and no one is going to tell him otherwise.

Well, almost no one.

The story started here.

My master list of works (including Books 1 and 2 of this series) can be found here, The Shiny Master List of Everything!

Without further ado, I bring you Stave Two ....

All We Leave Behind Us

Chapter Two